MT5 reverse engineering

The goal of this project is to be able to recover mesh data in Shenmue I MT5.
It currently allows to extract some mt5, and convert those to wavefront.


Oct 9: new mt52obj build is available for linux (textures not yet supported),
working to provide windows build with win32 api gui.

Binaries downloads

Last builds from repositories sources.

Source repositories

New source is available on the project mercurial repositories.
(old source on the project github).


Internet Relay Chat: irc://
If you don't know how to join, here are some clients you can use

Test report

If you want to help the project, you can report problems extracting file(s) via
the github issues page. That will be much appreciated.


Documentation is currently available on github wiki.


Dotsona (thank you) has made a nice video tutorial on the shenmue dojo.


some models screenshots